Some pictures inside the factory

Risen always strives to become an international standard factory ISO 9001, ISO 13685, ISO 22000, FDA
1. Review RISEN’S client list. No business is immune from bad clients. Are any lurking in your portfolio? Study your books to find out what it costs to serve each client. Rank them according to profitability and the volume and variety of resources they consume. You may find that some are over-allocated by virtue of long-past troubles, or simply because they complain the most. Seek a portfolio that best fits your team and which plays to your factory’s strengths.
2. Evaluate the line. Even the best factories botch orders from time to time. Where does your line break down? How often does it happen? Spend time evaluating your weaknesses so that you can address them via equipment or personnel changes.
3. Assign a dollar value to bottlenecks. Don’t change blindly. First, determine how much your bottlenecks are costing you. Is the problem big enough to merit investment in a new multimillion-dollar piece of equipment? Or would a cheap workaround buy as much improvement? Don’t use precious capital until you’re forced to.
4. Set goals. Once you’ve priced out what it would cost to get your factory in peak condition, set realistic goals for improvement and assign teams to implement your desired changes. Take the rollout in stages so as to not interrupt existing workflow. Then, check-in on progress regularly. Are the changes taking hold as expected? If not, why not? Presume nothing as you pursue greater efficiency in your operation.
5. Reward creative ideas. Also, give everyone an interest in seeing the transformation through to a successful conclusion. You can do that in two ways. First, be quick to recognize breakthroughs verbally and in companywide communications. Second, design a rewards program for sharing the fruits of success with everyone who contributes to making the factory function more efficiently.

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