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  1. Dan Sinh Electronic Newspaper :http://baodansinh.vn/trao-qua-cho-15-con-em-cong-nhan-ve-sinh-moi-truong-tieu-bieu-tp-ha-noi-102486.htm
  2. THE DISCUSSION AGENCY UNDER THE BUSINESS ASSOCIATION OF VIETNAMESE INVALID AND DISABLED PEOPLE : https://hoanhap.vn/bai-viet/moi-truong-va-do-thi-viet-nam-tri-an-cong-nhan-ve-sinh-moi-truong-31601
  3. Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union : https://svvn.tienphong.vn/svvn-can-biet/tang-qua-cho-con-em-cong-nhan-ve-sinh-moi-truong-co-hoan-canh-kho-khan-1625014.tpo
  4. Hanoi Radio and Television Station : http://hanoitv.vn/ban-tin-cuoi-ngay-27072019-v119710.html
  5. Vietnam Electronics Journal : https://giaoduc.net.vn/tieu-diem/ha-noi-tra-loi-ve-thu-nghiem-lam-sach-mot-doan-song-to-lich-post200784.gd

Giving mid-autumn gifts to children who study well with disadvantaged environmental sanitation workers.

In the morning of July 27, 2019, in Hanoi, Vietnam Urban and Environment Magazine in collaboration with Minh Hai Trade Promotion Co., Ltd. (Minh Hai Food) presented mid-autumn gifts to good-looking children of excellent works. Environmental sanitation workers are in difficult circumstances.
Accordingly, 15 meaningful gifts were given to 15 children of typical sanitation workers of Hanoi City. They are the workers who overcome difficulties, work hard day and night, preserve the environment, green landscape – clean – beautiful.
The value of each gift includes: 1 box of moon cakes and 1 million in cash. This is a very meaningful activity to share the hardships of environmental workers; At the same time, we commend and appreciate their contributions to the environment and society.