Delicious peanut candy is indispensable

Every time we enjoy the sweet, crispy peanut candy bars without the strong taste of green tea, we feel like something is not complete. For this reason, people always have a hot green tea pot set beside a dish of yellow peanut candy to sip with friends in their spare time.

When I was a child, I waited aimlessly at the gate and waited for my mother to go to the market to share a piece of peanut candy wrapped in dried banana leaves. Growing up and then enjoying the cool taste of green tea mingled with the crisp taste of peanut candy to hear the sweetness gradually dissolving in the tip of the tongue.

So it is easy to see where peanut candy appears there will be green tea. Peanut candy and green tea go together in the shops for ordinary people. Peanut candy is a folk gift not picky people eat, “presence” in the dike shop is located under the green bamboo canopy, in the burden of the old lady selling tea water, in stone tea students …
Do not understand ever since Vietnamese people have a rustic culture that profoundly. In the bustling afternoon of the city, you will find peaceful and relaxing moments when slowly enjoying a cool iced green tea with peanut candy style. Feeling warm is a cool and rainy night, warm green tea cup, amazingly fragrant when eaten with peanut candy. Drinking a cup of tea without peanut candy would be a downfall, lacking in something familiar. Still sitting in the line of water just ordering the peanut candy bar will miss the intense taste of green tea.
Peanut candy also has a very funny name is Siu Chau candy in Nam Dinh made by Chinese people from Chaozhou. Delicious peanuts must be made from sugar or molasses made from sugar cane and malt. The second thing inside is the touch must be firm, roasted to wake up aromatic smell. The mixture above after being poured into the tray, must sprinkle a thin layer of glutinous flour to candy not stick together. The peanut candy is crispy, sweet, fat and aromatic is the standard candy. And green tea water must be boiled from fresh green tea, do not choose old leaves because when boiling water will not fragrant, nor choose leaves too young because drinking water will be pale. Tasty tea meets the requirements of a soft, sweet green aroma, when drinking slightly ngai chan.
Rarely do any candies “understand” green tea like peanuts, so drinking green tea must eat peanut candy in order. Take a piece of peanut candy, take a sip of fresh tea, remember to crack your mouth a few times to feel the sweetness of the peanut candy. life in pavement culture.
Popular but subtle pleasures of Hanoi people
Hanoi people have always been this way, very sophisticated even in the way to enjoy the most popular things. Drinking green tea and eating peanut candy are as simple and gentle as enjoying other foods, calm and not noisy. Can go alone, can go with a few close friends but will definitely sit in the familiar, quiet, slow listening to the stories of people around or focus on a game of chess. No need to know or be close, call a cup of green tea and candy bar, suddenly people are easy to sympathize, share with each other.
Today there are so many “tea shops” with all kinds of sophisticated and luxurious teas to choose from, but it seems that people still prefer and more comfortable when sitting on a sidewalk stall. What a great thing to make a “charm”, just a cup of clear green tea, cool eyes and the peanut brittle candy attractive in plastic jars of her sales are forever haunting. Who has ever “pear” of Hanoi sidewalk restaurant.
Hanoians are sophisticated in their selection of culinary dishes, so from the most simple ones like peanut candy, it also requires the sweetness of malt, crunchy and aromatic to the taste of peanuts.

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