Meet Vietnamese businesses

On the afternoon of October 13, the provincial People’s Committee coordinated with the Provincial Business Association to organize a meeting with business people on the occasion of the 71st Anniversary of Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Day (October 13) and commend and reward typical businesses in the activity. investment activities, production and business activities and social security.

Up to now, the whole province has 2,362 enterprises, with a total registered capital of VND 12,122 billion, of which 1,880 are operating. In 2016, businesses in the area maintained stability and continued to expand production and business. As of September 2016, the local private economy has contributed over VND 1,312 billion to the provincial budget; There are 163 more enterprises registered to establish.

In addition to making positive contributions to the province’s economic development, businesses and entrepreneurs are also interested in participating in social charity movements launched by the province and the Central Government, contributing to the province’s effective implementation of poverty reduction. , ensuring social security in the province.

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