Risen sponsored the movie Sunny 3

On March 3, 2020 The premiere of the movie Sunny 3.
Accompanying with sponsors is Risen Vietnam
Sunny 3 – still a story that draws the audience’s tears about the affection of the family of mother and daughter Que Phuong (Kha Nhu) and little Hong An (Ngan Chi) when he accidentally met the giant Tung Tung (Kieu Minh Tuan) ). The half-crying story revolves around the relationship of three people and the journey of a single mother in search of a “perfect” father for her daughter but always yearns to have a simple love and leg. Fort.
‘Sunshine 3: Father’s promise’ tells the journey of single mother Que Phuong (Kha Nhu) seeking a father for her daughter Hong An (Ngan Chi). After an accidental meeting, Que Phuong clearly determined that Dr. Tung Son (Kieu Minh Tuan) was the father of his son – who had a ‘one night’ love with her 7 years earlier.
However, Dr. Tung Son insisted that An was his son. He is also having a good relationship with his colleague Thuy Linh (Oanh Kieu) and a bright career ahead. Because of this, the film directs viewers to follow situations that are awkward, half-crying, laughing, with both joy and tears.
Inspired by father and son affection, ‘Sunshine 3: Father’s Promise’ takes viewers through all the different levels of emotion. The first half of the movie was a lot of laughter with the situations, the lines and the good facial expressions of the cast. The pace of the movie in the first half was quite fast with the ‘half crying and laughing’ situations that happened continuously, although a bit awkward but ‘enough to make the audience happy’. The nature of Kieu Minh Tuan and little Ngan Chi help viewers feel the original feelings and the compatibility of these two characters together through a few small but subtle details of the director.
The wry details are in the movie but at least the work is still seamless and logical. Many scenes in the movie were quite unexpected, pushing up high and making the audience relieved with an ending.
After bringing laughter in the first half, the work began to go into the circuit of the tragic situations later. Viewers will be surprised by the rapid turn of the plot when Dr. Tung Son and little Hong An are having fun when the test results show that the two are not father and son. Then the touching situation appeared and could take away the tears of the audience when little Hong An was ill. In general, the film’s script is both entertaining and touching, making few logical errors when the situations are intertwined quite closely. This makes the audience not feel uncomfortable as when watching some other Vietnamese films in early 2020.
However, there are still a few small details in the script of the movie that the technical people will find uncomfortable. For example, the roles of People’s Artist Hong Van and Luo Thanh are good but have a redundant part in the movie. Both appearances that contribute little significant role in the film circuit except La Thanh makes it difficult for Dr. Tung Son near the end of the film.
In addition, the character of Que Phuong is also very inconsistent. She insisted on loving her but playing cards all night and leaving the street on the street. Que Phuong also let Hong An go to deceive others and did not let her go to school. This is clearly not an image of a loving mother.
In a nutshell, ‘Sunshine 3: Father’s promise’ is somewhat not a perfect script because there are still some ‘grotesque’ grain. However, at least the film has invested in the brain to make things happen naturally, logical and not to make viewers angry. The work also knows deeply about family sentiments rather than rambling too many different genres. This makes the series consistent from beginning to end, able to capture both smiles and tears of viewers.

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