Risen talk with Amazon Vietnam director

Today, Risen is honored to receive the attention of the director of Amazon Vietnam.

Mr. Thuy is no stranger to the online export business community, because he has 8 years with Alibaba in the position of Vietnam Market Director. According to the description on LinkedIn, he also served as Vice President in charge of Operation Lazada Vietnam Sales for more than 1 year, after Alibaba acquired this business from Rocket Internet.

Management board of Risen Vietnam presented some issues on Risen Vietnam’s business situation to Mr. Tran Xuan Thuy.

Although 2019 is a very difficult year for food and mask business, but for Risen this is also a year of success in the management of the company with the completion of exceeding most of the 2019 business plan targets.

However, besides the achievements, there are also many limitations and tasks that have not been achieved in accordance with the orientation and goals of the Board of Risen Directors. frank and need thorough evaluation and analysis; Since then draw profound lessons to strive and promote better in 2020 and the years to come.

Mr. Thuy agrees to support Risen to export products abroad, according to international standards. He also hopes, Risen is a bright spot in the field of food and medical masks of Vietnam.

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