Risen went to the temple at the beginning of the new year

The custom of going to the temple at the beginning of the year – an activity associated with Buddhism, has become a cultural beauty maintained in many Vietnamese families. However, not everyone understands the meaning and the right way to go to the temple at the beginning of the year.

Going to the temple at the beginning of the year is a good traditional culture of our nation. However, besides those who come to the temple with the true meaning of the Buddha, study the Dharma, and practice virtue, many people come to the door to meditate to do things contrary to the Buddhist teachings, contrary to the fine customs and traditions.
The lack of knowledge about Buddhism distorts the festivals associated with temples. So for religious activities to take place in accordance with the nature, contributing to saving time, money, and eliminating superstition, it is necessary to have a proper view of temples and Buddhist teachings.
The meaning of the temple ceremony at the beginning of the year
Most Vietnamese people go to pagodas according to family traditions. From generation to generation, with Buddhist followers, going to temple ceremony has become a daily activity.
Anyone who comes to the temple is looking for peace for the family, experiencing the Causes and Causes through Buddhist teachings. From there, we can teach our children and grandchildren to live better, and be more charitable. Going to the Buddha’s door, amidst the serene space, the smell of incense, the color of the flower lights, each of us will feel our hearts become softer and more serene.

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