Smoked Whole Pig Roast

Bacon (monolith) is a special type of ham with the delicacy from the ingredients to the processing stage, not only the meat permeates the rich flavor, but the skin is equally delicious.
With the sweetness of pure pork and the roundness on each fiber of pork, it will surely satisfy the most fastidious diners. When eating, you will immediately feel the smell of smoke.
Usage: Bacon is delicious, bread is also delicious and has a great nutritional content.
Bacon is one of the most delicious dishes in pork leg cuisine. When you eat, you slice and eat and look both beautiful and delicious.
Expiry date: 2 months from date of manufacture
Storage: Store frozen at temperatures 0-> 3 degrees C.
Quality smoked pork leg is on sale at Kingmeat. When you are still wondering what types of products are the Bacon Ham. How much is the price of smoked ham and where should I buy it?

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