Volunteer activities

In a week of living with relatives, union members and young people carried out many activities aimed at children by building constructions, playgrounds for children, visiting and giving gifts to policy families, difficult circumstances in the commune.

The main activities of volunteering include: cleaning and whitewashing at A Tuc commune cemetery, visiting, giving gifts to disadvantaged families, cleaning and clearing preschool campus, roads. , coordinating to build a school site in Huong Loc commune, making a playground for children in Huc – Pa Lu village, cutting hair, giving gifts to children, showing films to serve people …

The organization of summer volunteers also aims to train students, youth union members and young people about their sense of responsibility for the community. From there, you can actively strive, cultivate morality, study well to later serve the society.

From the volunteering movement, there have been many typical individuals who not only have good learning and training process at school but are always active and enthusiastic in social activities. The three most representative members were recognized and approved to join the Party in the process of volunteering.

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